In the course of our life, we come across many people of  varying characters and dispositions. Some leave a mark on us while others just pass by.

I first came across Hari at the class of an entrance exam preparation. A very pleasant fellow, verbose and having an answer to everything. His interest in music made us such good friends. He was a self taught guitarist and I started learning guitar under his guidance.

There are moments in life when we wish for something and felt that it would be nice to have something like that. Hari was such a ‘thing’ of my life. He was exactly how I have imagined  a sophisticated person would be and from whom you can learn a lot. He taught me the importance of self-love and optimism. He was a believer of Jesus Christ, though he was not Christian.

He was different from all my other friends and the first of his kind that has ever appeared in my life. He never liked to ‘walk’ saying he has a dislike for sweat and was very fond of autorikshaws. He later joined gym saying he want to be thin for the convocation in January.(He was a plumpy guy).

I remember how he used to be such a beauty conscious guy, never taking his hand off his head, always swiping through his hair. He claimed to have membership in atleast three different saloons. It was funny when he never missed a chance to look into a mirror, whether a car-mirror or a window glass, quibbling about the probability for the mirror to shatter due to his excessive glamour.

But once he started singing, you can’t help dismiss all your chores and listen to his euphonious voice accompanied by the guitar. His family has a long line of musicians and he too is blessed with that hereditary trait.

Now that I have written a lot about him, you can imagine why I was disheartened  when he suddenly told me today that he was leaving the city for a job. He told me how I have always inspired him and wished me all the best for the future.

Hary, you are a beautiful chapter in my book of life. Though this chapter was short, each of its moments shall be cherished. I shall always remember you with a smile for that was your most prominent feature with which you have always claimed to have slayed girls. I am very happy for you and will always be there for you whenever you need me.




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